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Brachy with mild Plagio

My DD is almost 11 months old and the shape of her head has been bothering me since she was 4 months old, since it was so flat on the back.  When she slept, it was flat on her head, I tried to move her head, but it always went back to her back.  At every pedi appointment, the dr told me not worry and that in time it would get better.  From 4 months to now, it has gotten better, but I still notice the flatness in the back of her head and the skull protrudes a little near the top of her ears, so I don't know if it's a great improvement. 

For some peace of mind, I went to a cranial and facial specialist today and I was hoping that she would either tell me that her head is fine or she definately needs a helmet.  Well the specialist told me that she is a candidate for a helmet and on a scale of 1-10 she is a 5/6, which means it can go either way.   The specialist said that if we do decide to helmet we should do it soon since she is getting older and if we decide not to helmet that her head still will continue to shape until she is 2.

I think I would be fine with not helmeting and waiting to see if it gets better, but I am worried that if her head doesn't get better and with the skull protuding out near her ears, it will be an issue with getting glasses if she ever needs them.  The specialist even mentioned that.  I did ask the specialist if she would helmet if this was her child and she thought about it and said probably not, which really didn't make me feel better since it wasn't a definite no.  Is anyone is a similar situaiton?

Re: Brachy with mild Plagio

  • I went through almost the exact same thing...if you click on my profile and look under my previous posts, you can read the whole story...  

    My son had moderate plagio from favoring one side while he slept. He was diagnosed around 6 mos. some

  • We went through this, though at an earlier stage.  We decided to helmet, though it was considered a "mild" case.  I am glad we did.  Though doctors will often tell you that the problem with correct itself, I really don't think it does fo

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  • hello!  i know this is a really big and tough decision for you to make for your LO. We helmeted my little guy at 3.5 months but our decision was easy since he had severe plagio. we could have waited to see if it would fix itself and get better but

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