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Afraid of vacuum?

When LO was colicky the vacuum would silence was soothing white noise for him at the time. Now DS is TERRIFIED of it. I felt bad tonight but I HAD to use it and DH wasn't home, so I put DS in his saucer and vacuumed for literally less than 90 seconds. DS was crying and visibly shaking from being so afraid. Afterwards he kept looking around for it like he needed to keep an eye on it to make sure it wouldn't attack him or something. Do you think this is normal?? I seriously fear I scarred him for life after tonight and I feel terrible.
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Re: Afraid of vacuum?

  • My DS did this too. He actually did this with our blender as well. Now he doesn't cry anymore but it's because the following few times we ha to use the vacuum one of us would hold him while the other is vacuuming. I think that helped to reassure him that
  • Ours is the same. When really little, the vacuum was fine. Now, he's terrified by the sight and sound of it. No idea what caused the switch over, but it even carries over to vacuum shaped toys.
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  • Ds was the same way unless I wore him while vacuuming, which then frequently would put him to sleep.
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  • DD made the flip to being afraid too.  Very normal at this age to start getting scared of things.

    I let her crawl around it when it is off and touch it to get her familiar with it and realize it won't hurt her. 


  • DS was never afraid of the vacuum when he was smaller either, but now it scares him to death, but then I keep doing it and eventually he isn't scared anymore. It must be that they're getting older and their hearing is better or they're more aware of th

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  • It's normal! My son does the same. Never bothered him before but now if I vacuum I have to be holding him or he will be crawling fast crying.

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  • DD use to think the vacuum was hilarious.  Starting a couple of months ago it makes her cry.  Now if she sees me pushing it (before it's even turned on) she runs for the room and cries.  When the vacuum is off and sitting in the corner she
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  • My LO always has one eye on the vacuum. She saw me put it in the garage and kept looking at that door. Anyway, it is so weird because she is scared of it, but always wants me to take her close enough to barley touch it, then she will shy away again.
  • My DD went through that for a bit.  DS actually chases the darn thing and I have to vacuum really quickly.  I put him on the couch and hurry to do it before he gets down and catches it ;-)

    He is crud his pants frightened of my moms vacu

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