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Ideas on getting my LO to STTN?

My LO is a VERY good baby...but she wakes up every 2 to 2 1/2 hours to drink from the bottle. I've tried feeding her before I put her to bed - but it makes no difference whatsoever. She will start crying/yelling - I give her the bottle (she doesn't even open her eyes), she drinks for 5 minutes or so, then rolls over and goes back to sleep. Rinse & repeat. She does her "final" wake-up anywhere from 5am to 8am (she goes down between 8pm & 10pm) - and I know she's up because she starts babbling and playing (but never hungry/thirsty). I'm 44 - and pregnant again due in Sept - so this is wearing on me at times. Any thoughts?

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Re: Ideas on getting my LO to STTN?

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    Have you tried a pacifier?  How much is she eating during the day?  Is she BF or FF? 

    Also, babies will STTN when they're ready. 


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  • She does use a pacifier and sometimes it stays in her mouth - but doesn't change her sleep pattern...

    I breast fed until she was 4 months old - when I went back to work my milk production dropped like a we had to put her on formula, ab

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  • How many ounces total does she drink in one day? I would try spacing out her bottles about every 3 hours during the day and make sure she gets enough milk during day, plus solids, maybe that would help with sleeping at night. How much solids do u give? Do
  • Also she might be waking out of habit, not necessarily because she's hungry each time.
  • We give her the bottle when she cries for it - she actually has a specific cry when she wants her bottle - but it's not at consistent times. As far as feeding, she's been eating 2 to 2.5 oz in the morning (she's not big on breakfast), but lunchtime and di
  • I may be in the minority but my DD was waking every 3 hours to be fed at 6 and a half months and our pedi told us to let her cry it out. I let her cry for 10 min at night before I comforted her, then 15 min, then 20 and by night 2 she was sleeping till 5a
  • I don't totally know your situation, but the amount she gets in formula does not sound like enough to me.  I know she is eating solids, but at 7.5 months she should still be getting the majority of her calories from the formula.  My little gu

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  • Time.  I've stressed about "sleep training" or "get him on a schedule/routine," but in the end, we're all happier when I just let go and let be.  FWIW, he now wakes only once or twice a night, and sleeps 11-12 hours total.
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  • CIO. Seriously it works for us. Follow the Ferber method.  It sucks for 2-3 nights then it is sleep time bliss.

    Only caveat is when dd is sick then I'll tend to her and also, she woke up in the middle of thr night for five nights in a row th

  • Ditto on Ferber; he has a whole chapter on how to cut night feedings.  No reason your LO can't get all they need to eat during the day; the uninterupted sleep is much more important at this point then more milk.
  • I don't have any advice except to wait it out! Babies will STTN eventually!
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  • I didn't read anyone else's responses so I am sorry if I am repeating anything they say.  Our LO began STTN at 12 weeks and I believe it was due to our routine and the time in which we put her to bed.  Have you tried putting her to bed earlier?
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  • oh...also... even if LO is eating solids they should still be getting at least 20-24 oz of formula/BM a day.  Try offering a bottle right before solids to ensure your LO is getting enough.  THey need to get most of their nutrients from the formu
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