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How far is too far?


This is my first post on the bump. I am currently 31w6d pregnant with our first child, a girl!

My question; One of my best friends wedding is May 18th and my due date is May 24th. Her wedding is almost 3 hours away from where I will be delivering. My plan is to see how things are going once it gets closer, but I am feeling really torn. I genuinely want to attend this wedding (I was actually suppose to be in it, but we decided that was a bad idea/gamble), but I also do not want to be reckless and traveling a week before my due date.

 Do any other mommies have any helpful advice? WWYD?

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Re: How far is too far?

  • I'm on the fence about driving that far for a wedding a month before my EDD. The 3 hour drive alone may be too uncomfortable, much less the wedding. I'll make the decision once I get closer to it.

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  • I had a big long answer typed out but bottom line is no, it's too risky. I vote skip it, unfortunately.


    Jacob, 1/14/13
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  • That's a tough one.  Maybe you can check with your ob and find out about any hospitals nearby.  They may even know of some reputable obs you can call if need be while you're there.  The drive is long, but not impossible.  Trying to

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