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Oversupply to undersupply?

So this post is more just to ease my mind, because I think I know the answer... but anyway....

DD is 8 weeks old today. I started out with a really bad oversupply. It took around 6 weeks to regulate, and things have been fine since then, minus a little overnight/morning engorgement which I know is normal. But, within the past couple days, my breasts have gone from feeling pretty full before a feeding, to hardly feeling any different than before I was BF'ing. I actually have started to use both sides for one feeding because it seems like DD isn't getting enough from one side, and I only ever used one before. It also seems like I'm pumping less.

I think I remember my LC saying that as your supply regulates, you won't really feel engorged anymore because your body knows how much milk LO needs and doesn't produce more than that. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that my 6-hour block feeding, cabbage leaves, and Altoids to decrease my supply hasn't now backfired and left me with an undersupply. Any advice/words of wisdom?

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Re: Oversupply to undersupply?

  • Yes, your breasts shouldn't feel engorged when your supply is regulated to what you need.  They just feel like breasts. :)  I always use both sides to feed.  If baby is happy with that, then it's fine.  I kind of like it that way anyho
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  • This is probably not totally applicable bc I EP. But, I had a big oversupply problem for the first 8 weeks.  Then, I decided (w/my LC & OB) to use sudafed at night and cabbage leaves for a week to get my supply under control.


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