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Which one?



I'm guessing Zayn... but honestly does it really even matter?

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01/10- Femara
03/10- Femara
07/2010- Clomid with injectables and IUI #1
08/2010- IUI #2
06/2011- IVF #1 BFP!
09/2011- Miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks
11/2011- FET
01/2012- Start Home Study process
03/2012- Home Study approved and now waiting on our child to find us!
07/2012- matched with a BM who is due in October!
11/10/12- our son is born!
11/13/12- court grants us custody!
 12/28/12- finalization! Always ours in our hearts, also ours forever


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Re: Which one?

  • I think I remember seeing this before. If I remember correctly, you're right.

    "I stammered, unable to form a coherent thought because I have a vagina."



  • I vote Zayn based on side burns and general hairstyle.


    Jacob, 1/14/13
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  • I am also voting zayn based off of the undies. Those look the same style of the ones he was wearing in that bathroom gif where they are all dancing!
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