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GAH! Losing at life...

I feel like all I am doing is whining, but I just keep getting knocked down and you all are so supportive!  

Went for a sonohystogram with my new RE today and there is 'something' in my uterus. I did spot for 10 weeks, then had a Provera period that I am still seeing stuff from 2 weeks later, so I am not suprised, but still!  Now I am going to have to have surgery to remove it, whatever it is. He said they will look with the scope, remove it and then send it for pathology.  He said he can't tell yet if it is something that was there that might have contributed to the loss, but hopefully after the procedure we might know.  Fingers crossed it is just tissue or something from the birth. 

Pretty please can something go my way soon?! 

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Re: GAH! Losing at life...

  • I have a saline sonohystogram next week myself due to a mass they found in my uterus in my post loss check up. I totally feel you though, when will things go our way?! Because gut wrenching news is really getting old!&nbsp

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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this...even little annoyances are huge right now so anything big is just so so stressfull.  FX that it's nothing major and something really great comes along for you soon!
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  • So sorry. I remember the feeling when they saw something and I thought it could have contributed to losing our boys.It just never ends.



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