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Only purees at 9 months?

DD2 is 9 months old and will only eat purees.  She shows no interest in finger foods, including puffs and yogurt melts.  Whenever we try to feed her anything other than pureed baby food (including any spoon-fed foods with some texture, like cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, mashed banana, avocado, etc.), she gags like crazy and typically projectile vomits. 

I know lots of babies have pretty bad gag reflexes, but am I wrong in thinking this should be dissipating a bit by 9+ months?  We discussed this with our pedi at her 9 month checkup and he seemed a bit surprised that she was having such a hard time with things like mashed banana and cottage cheese.  His suggestion was to try to mix a little cottage cheese or banana in with her pureed foods.  We tried this last night and it was a disaster.  I literally put one tiny curd of cottage cheese on DD's spoon along with some pureed jar food, and she started gagging like crazy as soon as I put it in her mouth and then vomited.  Also, as soon as you give her anything that causes her to gag, she refuses to eat anything at all anymore, including just plain purees.  It's like she doesn't trust us after we slip in something lumpy, and so she just shuts down the whole eating process.

I'm wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience with their LO, and if anyone has any suggestions as to how to introduce non-pureed foods.  Maybe I'm worrying about this too much and this is normal behavior at this age, but we didn't go through this with DD1, and I'm worried that DD2 is going to be a year old and still eating only purees. 

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Re: Only purees at 9 months?

  • This is my kids exactly.  They are 10 1/2 months and still can't handle anything with texture.  Today for the first time they ate puffs without puking, that was huge for them. I was also told by our pedi not to worry and just slowly keep trying.
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  • My DD is also 9 months and won't eat anything other than purees.  She has had a couple pieces of puffs and a couple pieces of avocado once, but that's it.  She doesn't even like the chunkier purees.  We had tried giving her some finger food
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  • Just keep trying, but don't worry about it too much. DS hated finger foods of any kind for quite a while, but then one day it just clicked for him. now he loves feeding himself. I offered almost daily, but I didn't push very hard. I also did as other
  • My LO was doing the gagging thing, though not the puking.  I started not getting out her purees, but sitting there with food on my own plate that i was eating. When she asked for it I'd give her some and she'd at least try it.  It's been working

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