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GTKY: Week of 3/25/13

With Easter a few days and it being the middle of Passover, I thought we'd do a holiday themed GTKY.

What family holiday traditions (doesn't have to be for Easter or Passover), will you be or are you planning on teaching your children?


Re: GTKY: Week of 3/25/13

  • I'm going with our Christmas traditions. Ever since moving to CO, we've always cut down our Christmas tree and then we get each other ornaments for the year instead of presents. We hope to continue that tradition with our kids when they get older so they
  • Love the ornament idea!  We will keep the traditions of Christianity - Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost.  Each of those comes with different traditions and things to do to remind us why we practice the faith that we do.</p

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  • We always cut down our trees too. Maybe not this year, as I just learned I'm expecting in early December (YAY!!), but it's such a fun day. I also love to do the Wishing Trees and get gifts for kiddos who might not get something.
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