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Happy SB Feels

Since it's Thursday and we normally fight on Thursdays, I wanted to implement a Happy Feels day.

If I press enter and forgot someone, I'm going to continue to add to it through out the day.  So don't fret.

Also, feel free to add your own. 

OM-You are so intelligent and compassionate and ILY for all you are.  You are my rock and you are amazayn.

Hester-I can't tell you how happy I am that you came over to SB and stuck with it.  Everyday you make me smile and I feel so lucky to be getting to know you more and more every day.

Mack-You crack me up on the reg.  I love having you around and you always make me smile.  And smiling is my favorite!

Pretzel-I'm not even 100% sure how your found SB1.0, but I'm glad you did.  Your unwavering loyalty has impressed me.  You R-O-C-K me.

Cole-Same with Pretz, I'm not even sure how you found us, but I couldn't be happier about it.  You are a strong and beautiful woman inside and out.  Never forget that.

NY Mama-You were one of the originals who tried to help create our dream of 1/2 Direction and you really took it seriously.  You even bought jeggings for your son.  That is true dedication and ILY for that.  Thank you.

CG-It took you a while to come around, but I know in my heart that you are a true Directioner.  You know what the true meaning of SB is about

Sooks-You so crazy girl.  I'm glad you are our moderator because we know you will ALWAYS be around!  And we always want you to be around!

Rach-You've been here since SB1.0 and you have proven your dedication and love to Harry and 1D. ILY.

LoisLayn-You changed your TB SN to shout your Ship to the world.  Your inzaynity has now bounds!

BoopaDoop-Fantastic sig!  Great dedication!  I'm so happy you found SB1.0 and helped fight for SB2.0!  

Beej-Obviously you are the best Bump God we've ever had.  We love you for giving us a home and visiting us frequently!   We are happy to have a true Directioner on our side!

Crystaladult-Welcome to the light side.  It gives me so many happy feels to have you here and as a Directioner.  Welcome!

MrsSkull-The fact that you don't have a 1D siggy makes me question you a little bit, but really, you have been around and our dedicated!  Please stay and continue to be a fantastic contributor!

IVotedForLiam-I'm happy you came around to vote for him because Liam deserves ALL the love.  He is a hottie!

Larry-your presence is amazayn.  We love you here and we really all hope you are actually Harry and Louis and that you love us for the fangirls we are. 

Ashley-your hatred of Craylor made me nervous, but you never waivered on your love for 1D.  You have been around since the beginning and you are a true member of SB!

Claire-I'm so happy that you allowed 1D in your heart and it helped your H get into your pants and make a little mini directioner growing in your ute!  We love you around!

Reenielyn-I feel like I don't know you as well, but I'm paying attention!  Your Ziall sig proves to me that you are worthy!

dholsapp-LOVE your sig and am excited to get to know you more!

Scoutkate-You are just awesome.  That's all I have to say about that.  

MissNikki-I'm glad you are around more and I'm glad you were able to update your siggy because no one should be that pregnant and your little squish is so freaking adorable!!!  I think he should be the 6th member of 1D.  He would look good in a bow tie.

KaramelSutra-Come around more often!  I miss you!  You are one of the other originals and your DS is the perfect mini Harry!  

cruelsound-You are one of my favorite posters and I'm so glad you are around here.  You make me laugh ALL the time and I love that you stand up for your convictions and aren't scared to speak the truth.

AAA-Still getting to know you, but stick around!!!  :)


*I'm sure there are tons of grammatical and spelling errors, but I need to get back to work! 




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