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reading time?

don't know if any of you have this issue or have gone through this....


but I can't seem to get DS to sit through reading time anymore, heck I can barely get through 2 pages without him grabbing the book out of my hand. He used to be really good about sitting still and listening, turning the pages. I'm at a lost as to what I should do to encourage/get back to a reading routine. I'm open to suggestions....

Re: reading time?

  • I'm just finally getting my LO to sit for a book and it took a lot patience and I just kept trying over and over again. I'm guessing your DS is just going through a phase where he is too busy to sit for a book. Keep trying and I'm sure he'll start
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  • thanks for the responses....nice to know I'm not alone in this boat.

    all the books we have now are cardboard books. he does have a "toy story" book that he really likes, so we try to read that to him....but of course, he wants to be a big, grab t

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  • Reading time? No way! More like "fun shutting Mom's hands in the book time". DS does not sit through books at all and never has. I'll read to him when he shows an interest. I read with DD often though, while he is around.
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  • Right now our reading time looks like this: during her regular playtime, she will start hand me a book, I will open it and start reading, I don't usually get through more than 2 pages before she's thrusting another book in my face so I move on to that one
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