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XP: food allergies?

just wondering if anyone has had any rashes because of food. We fed DD2 oatmeal for the first time last sunday, she was sick so we stopped and started again on Tuesday. Wednesday morning I noticed that her chin had all these little red bumps. they weren't hives, I didn't think anything of them, since she's teething and has eczema too. I figured she was just in desperate need of a bath, esepcailly with all her nebulizer treatments. Last night I took a closer look, and this morning I noticed more are under her nose and kind of spreading up her facae. Now I'm starting to get concerned that maybe it is because of the oatmeal. They're not hives, more like little red bumps and she's now had oatmeal tuesday night and wednesday night. I've got a call into the doctor, but do you think this is an allergy rash, or do you think it's just from the nebulizer, or the extra wipes, or the teething or the drooling? She's got no other issues, and there's nothing on her body or hands. Anyone have an experience with a food allergy rash? what did it look like?
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Re: XP: food allergies?

  • Honestly - rashes cvould mean sooo many things.  We do not have an allergic LO but I notice if I don't clean her face fast enough she gets a "rash" like that.  I believe oatmeal is very very low allergen - but what are you mixing with?  (If
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  • When me LO first started eating solids she would also break out around her mouth. Anytime this happened I'd stop the food and reintroduce it several days or weeks later to see if there was a similar reaction.  Out of all the times she broke out there
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