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How is Grant doing today?  Was thinking about you guys this morning.  Hope he's still recovering well.

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Re: **Preggers**

  • Last night was really rough. He was up every 15minutes or so. The only hour he slept through was from 4 to 5am.

    He had his first full feed at 9am and has been a lot better since. He even pooped a little. I mean a reallll little, but it i

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  • Glad to hear that he's doing better, but sorry that you didn't get much sleep last night.  I hope things continue to improve and you are able to get more answers soon.

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  • This progress makes me so happy for your family!
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  • I haven't been on much lately but I got on tonight just to see how Grant was doing! Wish we could all just give you both a big hug! Know that we are all thinking about you and praying for this to really be a help to you both. I can only imagine that onc
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