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My baby has been vomiting about once a week or every other week pretty much since he was born. I never thought much of it at first because I thought it was because he had a cold or was swallowing water when swimming. Swimming ended and he still vomits about once a week and now, maybe twice a week since starting solids.

I told my doctor and she wasn't concerned because he is gaining weight. I know my niece and my sister both had issues with vomiting when they were little. They were told basically that some babies do this and eventually they grow out of it. I feel like he is vomiting a bit more frequently now that he is starting solids. He has 5 - 8 oz bottles a day. I've tried cutting back his bottles to 6oz but he is cranky and cries like he is still hungry and my doctor said what he is eating is fine (he doesn't always drink the full bottle). I wait about a 1/2 hour after his meal usually (but not always) before giving him his bottle after a meal.

Anyone else go through this? Is there anything you can suggest? Or, do I just have to suck it up and accept that there is nothing I can do?

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Re: Vomiting baby

  • My DD is a "happy spitter". She spits up a lot, all the time. Our pedi says there is not much we can do. We've tried the formula for spit up, sitting her up, burping frequently, nothing works. She spit up even more when I BFed her. We even took her to a p
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  • My baby spits up all the time, my house smells like spit-up. Yuck, but these is projectile vomit, like what looks like 1/2 his bottle.
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