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sleep training and crib transition

I'm exhausted and eager for my LO to sleep in his crib. He's been in his RnP since he was born and outgrowing it. He likes to sleep on his side which he obviously cant do in it. He wakes up 4 times on a good night. He needs his binky and to be rocked to sleep for bedtime and naps.
How did you get your lo to sttn or at least able to put himself to sleep?
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Re: sleep training and crib transition

  • My LO still doesn't sleep through the night, but at 5 months we started sleep training using the Ferber method in Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems to get him to fall asleep in his crib on his own.  It only took a couple of nights and he never cri

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  • Transition to the crib first, then worry about sleep training.
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  • I think it depends on your kid.. I have a child who adapts well to change (I have no idea how I did this as both DH and I are pretty much NOT that way :) )

    anyway - I figure if I'm goign to lose sleep I'd rather do it all - so I do.  And it

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  • DS sleeps 6/7pm-6/7am, without waking up.

    We used Ferber for bedtime, which worked wonderfully and after five nights, my kid (who used to have to be rocked for 45+ minutes to sleep), was putting himself to sleep. We tried Ferber for naps at the

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