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Another Annoying Double Stroller Question....

Sorry, I am having a hard time decifying through all the below posts on this same topic.  Just skip if your sick of this question ;)

Technically, I wont have 2u2, but 2 years 3 months apart so I think a lot of what you all talk about applies :) We have a Graco snugride infant seat, so wanted a double that this would fit into.....

I see alot of ppl talk about other types of strollers that I do not believe this seat would fit into.  I was planning on just getting the Graco ready 2 grow double since the seat would work.  Does anyone have other suggestions for a graco to fit into?

Very active little boy that I know when I am in stores will need to have him in a stroller since he will run! The stand on option is nice since he sometimes refuses to sit in the seat and wants to push the stroller.

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Re: Another Annoying Double Stroller Question....

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    I forgot to mention that I like to run so was hoping to find a good deal or used Double bob stroller for that purpose.  I really do not like the idea of a side by side though since I need to be able to fit through isles while at the mall or shop
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    I don't know of any "true" jogging strollers that are NOT side by side (someone else might be able to chime in here), but most of the "higher end" strollers (bugaboo, baby jogger, BOB, bumbleride etc) have universal car seat adapters that you can snap the
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    Almost 100 percent sure all double joggers are side by sides.

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