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Hyperechogenic Bowel

Hi all! I really need some encouragement and other mother's stories on something like this. Yesterday my husband and I went in to find out the gender of our baby and get all of the measurements and what not. IT'S A GIRL! :) Anyways, I saw a different Dr. than my regular Dr. and she told me they are going to send me to a pregnancy speacialty clinic where they have the high powered ultrasound because she looks like she has white spots in her bowel, which she called hyperechogenic bowel. It can mean nothing at all, or it could be a genetic defect. I'm 20 weeks, this is my first pregnancy, I'm 23 and all my bloodwork came back extremely low for DS, and all those other defects that they test for, plus neither me nor my husband has cystic fibrosis in our families, DS or anything else. I got a call from the specialist and booked the appt, but they are putting me through a genetics counselor AND THEN we do the ultrasound. I really don't understand why I am seeing a counselor to get info, advice and hear my "options" BEFORE my actual ultrasound, especially when they don't even know for sure if that ultrasound is even accurate, being that the machine at my regular Dr's office could have been off with a setting(which is common). I dunno. I can't stop thinking about all the what ifs that are out there, and I'm going to call my actual Dr. I see to get her intake on everything.....but are there any mom's out there that have gone through this? Or even gone through something similar??


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  • We had some other issues early on, and it is just policy to have you see the counselor before doing the actual ultrasound. I thought it was weird too- they will offer you additional testing, etc, but if the next U/S looks good, which is most likely (Th


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