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Ok so FTM here and I am so confused about breast pumps.  I am getting a Medela, so can I only use those small Medela bottles? Can you get an adapter for other types of bottles to pump directly into?

Thanks for the help!


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Re: Pump Questions

  • As PP mentioned I too pump into the 5oz Medela bottles at work but DS takes Tommee Tippee bottles. I also have the Tommee Tippee adapter for the Medela pump which I have used on occasion to pump directly into the feeding bottles. Overall I find it easier

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  • For transporting back and forth from work pumping into bottles and then pouring in the Lansinoh storage bags was easiest for me. It's fewer bottles to wash. I use the 5oz Medela bottles that came with my pump - only a couple of times have I come close

  • The cheap Gerber and playtex bottles work with the Medela pump.  I have a bunch of those and I just pour the milk into the Avent bottles for feedings.
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  • Thanks everyone.  That is just the advice I need. 


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  • This might be too late for you - but I pump into the Platex Ventaire bottles because I hated having double bottle duty - So one side i use the Medela and one side I use this: 


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