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My soon to be 8 month old is crawling all over the place!!!!!! It's crazy!!! He's discovered that he can go all over the house too! It's fun, but I'm worn out!!!!! Lol. : and now it's impossible to change clothes and diapers! He fights it like crazy!! Let the good times roll :

Re: Crawling

  • Oh my little guy has fighted the diaper/clothes changes too every since he could crawl!!  He will literally start crying when I try to get him to stay on his back for just a few minutes to do it.  I now am changing him at times when he is on his
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  • Lol yup.. He cries like I'm abusing him! Lol.. I'm like dude, I'm just changing your diaper like I have been for 8 months! ; thank goodness for Mother's Day out twice a week :
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  • I'm so not looking forward to DD fighting diaper changes since I cloth diaper. She's almost crawling though too!
  • Oh LO has been fighting me for the longest time, but I found that if i get his wind up mobile going while im changing him he will sit still for a few seconds long enough.
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