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Another J13 question - bottle sizes

I've been here twice before and youladies have been very helpful, which I very much appreciate! I hope you can help me again? (I can't even promise this will be the last time. Sorry!)

I am registering for bottles. Are the four ouncers really necessary?



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Re: Another J13 question - bottle sizes

  • Well it depends if you are planning on breastfeeding and/or pumping and if you are going to be pumping at work. (at least that is where I found the one and only advantage)

    I had the 4Oz bottles that I used at work when pumping. But that was the

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  • I agree with PP, I barely used my 4 oz. bottles and I used the medela containers if I pumped.
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  • I used my 4 oz ones for the first 4 months all of the time. I did use them us until 10 months on and off if I knew dd was hungary but wasnt going to eat to much. They were easier for her to start to hold on to on her own
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  • I used the ones I was given, but when I bought my own I got 8 oz. so I didn't have to buy more bottles later.  It's not like they're harder to use or transport or anything.


  • I used the Avent 4oz bottles for quite awhile(3-4months). The Avent pump that I used came with a bunch, so I used those and registered for a couple more for BM storage. Then he went to 8oz bottles, but once we started solids his ounces went down and we we
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