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Would you change themes?

At the start of Feb. I bought some party items supplies in a hot wheels theme as my son was obbessed.  He got hot wheels for Christmas and played with them all the time.  In the past month though he has completely forgotten about them and plays with his tractors/construction vechiles.  He had been playing with them alittle since christmas but it is all the time now and he gets so excited if we drive by a dump truck or backhoe or whatever.

Would you change the theme of the party?  I like to do very themed parties so I want to start planning in the next week or so.  I figure he might want a hot wheels party in a few years right?  I only got plates, napkins, small decor things and a few favours at a close out sale.  My husband thinks we should just stick to that theme though.

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Re: Would you change themes?

  • I don't think your 2yr old will really notice.  We picked our 2yr old's party plan ourselves because he's not ready to give input - I don't expect him to be say "lame, mom, I wanted a Super Grover party, not a backyard cookout with all of my fri
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  • I wouldn't change the theme.
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  • I wouldn't change it.  At this age, they cycle through toys and back again so quickly, he may be in a car mood again by the time of his birthday.  As PP suggested, he's probably too young to really have an opinion or realize there could have bee
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  • I would just do a transportaion party- car, trains, tractors, etc
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  • I would not change the theme.  DS will be 3 in June.  I've picked out all 3 themes so far.  This year I asked him once (a month ago) do you want dinosaur train cupcakes for your birthday?  he said yes and I'm sticking with that theme-h
  • No, I wouldn't change the theme
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  • Oh, I don't think he will care at all.  I like the idea of a transportation party, then I can use the current stuff and still include some tractors.  Thanks.
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  • I wouldn't change the theme. he'll probably see all that cool stuff and be like why did i ever stop playing with those toys lol. I'm sure he'll love either!
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  • I wouldn't. At that age, he really won't notice. I did an Elmo party for DS last year, because he was obsessed, and honestly, he didn't even notice, even though Elmo was EVERY WHERE.
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  • Nah. He'll love it!
  • Totally up to you and how much you have already bought I would say.  My son was into Finding Nemo so I planned on doing that for his 2 year party...then instead loved Little Einsteins so I switched.  I didn't have much yet for the Nemo part
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