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To let sleep or not...


?: if your LO dozes off after 5 pm (or anytime in the late afternoon) will you wake them?

Today for example, my LO fell asleep in his highchair after his dinner and I feel so bad waking him up (he's sleeping as we speak). But if I don't he won't sleep at night.  


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  • I never wake my DD. If she's sleeping, it's bc she needs it. I'm a firm believer that good sleep promotes good sleep.
    My DD still takes 3 to 4 naps, including around 5ish.
  • The past 2 evenings, Koa has napped and not woken up until 5:30pm & 5:45pm. The night before last he woke up twice to eat. Last night he only woke up ONCE (first time!!!)! Today, he wouldn't take a late nap after waking up at 3:45. It's 8:35pm and he
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  • I may be in the minority, but I do wake him if he falls asleep in the late afternoon. His bedtime is normally between 5:30-6 anyway, so I don't let him nap past 2:30. Unless he hasn't napped all day, and then I will let him sleep for 30-45 minutes if h

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  • I only wake up DD when I have to, like when I have to go to work.  Otherwise, I let her sleep as much as she wants to.  It doesn't affect her night sleep though.  If allowing her to sleep during the day made her stay up at night, I would wa

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  • Never. If he fell asleep at 5, I'd leave him. In fact, I used to wake him up and when I stopped, he made 6pm his bedtime. He sleeps from 6pm-6am straight through without any wake ups.


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