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EBF to FF?

Have any of you weaned from BFing to FF? Curious how many oz your LO would take in a bottle? I am having a hard time getting enough (at least 20?) oz into LO a day. She tends to want 3 oz bottles but is starting to take 4 or maybe 5 oz bottles. Am I over feeding? How often and how much is your LO taking now if they are FF?
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Re: EBF to FF?

  • I've been battling low supply issues but I really want to continue nursing so if she seems hungry after I nurse her I make a 4oz formula bottle and offer it to her. If she isn't nursing, if she's with DH, she will drink between 5 and 6 oz of formula. <br
  • I went from ebf to ff about two months ago and my little one is now 7 mo. she will usually take a bottle every 3 hrs or so and will take anywhere from 68 oz
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  • We transitioned right before he was 8 months old.  The first week or so he only took about 4 oz at a time.  Sometimes he wouldn't even take 4 oz.  After the first or second week he started taking larger amounts, sometimes 4, sometimes 6, bu
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  • When we transitioned he would only take 4 oz at a time if we were lucky, but very often. His Dr put him on a 22 calorie diet and he started to gain weight and move up percentiles.

    By 7 months im still struggling to get him to take

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