Why homeschool?

Just curious what your personal reasons are...I was an elementary music teacher in a public school for 8 years and now SAHM.  I always planned to go back to teaching when my kids were in school, but now that I have actually have a child, I'm considering other alternatives (not because I have anything against public education, just thinking about this with a new perspective).  So anyway, what were your reasons?

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  • A lot of posters answer this question in a GTKY down a little on the page. :)


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  • My initial reasons were that preschool for two was expensive, and many of my friends were homeschooling.  Now with a kindergartener and a great school system, I'm still homeschooling because I enjoy seeing her enjoy learning.  I enjoy the flexib
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  • imagelilyaster:
      Also, I'm kinda infatuated with Charlotte Mason. :)

    Me too :)

    My reasons ar

  • We won't be HSing because DH is opposed (see post above), but I would love to.  I'd love to be the one to impact them most of the day (not their peers or teachers that may "care" about them, but couldn't hold a candle to the amount I care for them.&n

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  • The public schools where I live are TERRIBLE. My daughter would be forced to attend a school where less than 1percent MET grade level expectations on the state achievement tests.
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  • I will be homeschooling our son because my husband and I want our faith in Jesus Christ to be the center of his life in every aspect, including education. He won't be taught Biblical truth in the secular world that seems to be getting more and more cor

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  • We want to be in charge of what, when and how our children learn. I was a teacher before becoming a SAHM. I know first hand that there are fantastic teachers, but there are also really bad ones.
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  • We prefer homeschool because it allows us to tailor our kid's education to fit their learning needs and interests. Plus we are able to give them a way better education than any public school ever possibly could. And the one on one time is good too. =)
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    I feel like the verb should be "learn", not "teach", that learning should be the acti

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