do it or dont?

my dd is 10 she has very bad case of adhd odd and an emotional disorder.  she is known for crying fits that can last for hours and often triggered by little to no reason. at home i have very little trouble calming her but have big trouble getting her to focuse on home work and house work. she goes to the local public school and its becoming a night mare dealing with them. they keep expelling her for being disruptive and even her special ed teacher says she cant handle her. when i talk to my daughter she tells me the school staff do not do half of what they claim to do and she tells me that they tease her almost as much as the kids do. its just one problem after another and my stress levels have gone through the roof. she gets ssi because of the severity of her condition so i have a little extra money to spend i have 4 choices here i could leave her in public there is a private but i duno if i can afford that there is also a school that is based on homeschool or there is the option of straight up homeschooling. i just dont know what to do. other adults struggle with dealing with my daughter because they dont understand her and dont try to learn and kids tease her because they think its fun to make her cry. but if i completely homeschool her she wont get the interaction with others that she needs and im worried about the fact that i am a single mother of 2 wich means i have to work full time and my toddler needs constent supervision i just dont know what to do

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  • First of all, I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Secondly, if you're working full time how do you plan to homeschool? Would you hire a private tutor or homeschool in the evenings or opposite of when you work? What is your situation like now?


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  • yes spelling is my downfall as far as writing proper i do know how i just dont it is not something i would teach. im not offended by all means it made me laugh for i know i did bad believe it or not i am smarter than i type lol. im sure between my mother
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  • Even if you could afford private school most do not take children with disruptive special needs unless it is a special needs school. Public school sounds like the best option for your child. I would set up an ARD meeting to discuss her IEP.
  • i have tried talking to the teachers they have an iep set up for her but they dont fallow it half the time and i have caught them in their lies this school is bad we have the whole countys worth of kids (thats 4 or 5 towns) all under one elementary and on
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