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left handed?

Just curious - do babies start to show their dominant hand at this age or is it just a coincidence? I noticed he has been feeding himself and picking up toys pretty much only with his left hand the past few weeks.  I don't care either way if he is left or right handed, but just wondered develpomentally if this means it's his dominant hand, or too early to tell?

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Re: left handed?

  • I read recently that in kids you can get an idea if they will be right or left handed when they are about 3 and can take up to 5 years old until they use one exclusively. RIght now my DD is using her left hand to feed herself but picking up toys with her
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  • No.  Not until they are around 3 years old. My DD, who is almost 3, is barely starting to show that she is right-handed.
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  • It's early to tell. My 4 year old still uses both hands for pretty much everything. She colors, picks things up, throws, etc. with both equally.
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