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Sun solution for rear window?

I've just moved DS (8 months) to his convertible rear facing car seat and I really miss the infant car seat canopy!  DS hates sun in his eyes so I need a solution for the rear window.  My car is a Ford Fusion (mid sized sedan).  I'd like a cling shade as I want to avoid anything with hard parts like a roller shade that could be dangerous in an accident.

I did a bunch of google searched but didn't come up with much.  What does everyone do about rear window sun?  Sunglasses/ hat for baby?  Get a bunch of the smaller size side window clings and cut to fit for the rear window?

Any suggestions or product recommendations appreciated!


Re: Sun solution for rear window?

  • We do sunglasses and sometimes she leaves them on and sometimes she takes them off and chews them and freaks me out.
  • Lurking from 3-6 month board...

    We use the Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades for our side windows, and they have been great so far.  They come 2 in a pack, about $10.  We've been having the same issue with the back window, and I'm thinking abo

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  • Thank you for the suggestions! I'll probably use a combination of your ideas. :)
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