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6 months old, separation anxiety? Long

Our LO has been successfully sleeping through the night for the most part since he was 3 months old. He's has spurts here and there but he's been pretty good. He's also been putting himself to sleep, in his own crib for around that long.

Well, the last week, he's been up multiple times, won't put himself to sleep anymore and screams and cries when going down for naps. He also learned how to roll over and has been practicing at bed/naps, except he can't turn belly to back. So, it's a constant him getting on his belly, crying, me turning him back over, him crying more when he sees me, or waking in the middle of the night because of this. His naps have just been miserable. I don't want to let him CIO too long, 5 minutes has been my max.

I feel like we are both at wits end. He's usually a very happy, sweet, laid back baby, which is most of the reason that i dont want to let him CIO. It seems partly like his teeth bothering him, partly anxiety, but is this supposed to happen right at 6 mos?

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Re: 6 months old, separation anxiety? Long

  • he's probably teething.
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  • Growth spurt. Teething. Learning a new skill. So much can attribute to the wakefulness of a baby. Our daughter used to sleep great! Now up once or twice a night. She did just get over a cold so I would feed her. And now she's teething. 


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  • Sounds like my DD. STTN up until about a month ago when she got her first tooth. It sucks. I don't know the magic formula to get her to STTN anymore. And I can't let her CIO either. I'm right there with you.
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