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Is Women & Infants the way to go?

I've heard so many different reviews from women who have given birth at W&I.  I have two friends who have delivered at Pawtucket Memorial and they had great experiences so I am kind of leaning towards there but I live in Warwick so Kent County is another option. However, I am interested in the Alternative Birthing rooms at W&I.  Just wanted to get the opinions of my fellow RI area mommies/mommies to be.  Thanks!

Re: Is Women & Infants the way to go?

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    I've heard too many mixed reviews of W&I to feel comfortable. I've also heard great things about Memorial.

    Personally, I've delivered twice at Kent and love it. You don't ever wait in triage. If you go into labor during the day, you walk right up to L&D. Even at night, you enter through the ER and they bring you straight up, no waiting around. The nurses were, in general, very good and they are actively working to improve as well as becoming a baby-friendly hospital. Their policies are fairly natural birth friendly - intermittent monitoring, hep lock only (no IV unless needed), showers (with removable heads so you can put the water where you need it), they provide birthing balls and have squat bars for the beds. You get your own room with 2 standard hospital beds, so your DH actually has a place to sleep. They have LCs on staff and a weekly breastfeeding support group for postpartum help and socializing.

    If you're looking for specific providers, let me know. I have recs for midwives and OBs, as well as OBs to stay away from if you're looking for a natural birth.

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  • I had a great experience at W&I, although I had a C-section because baby was breech. I was planning on going there regarding because that is where my OB practice has priveledges and my pedi rounds there as well. I definitely recommend it though.
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  • Every one I have talked to that delivered at w&i had a great experience. I also did, but didnt have a choice, my son was going to end up in the NICU. had a very good experience,
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  • My friend delivered via C section twice at W&I and swears by it.  However, I am a nursing student and just ended my maternity rotation at Kent Hospital and absolutely loved it.  It is quaint and quiet, and much more personal.  I just found out that I am pregnant and have already made arrangements with an awesome midwife, who I actually got to witness with a birth just last month.  For the most part, the nurses there are amazing.  You can tell that they really love what they are doing.  Just like one of the posters above mentioned, you get a room with a double bed, and the LC is super helpful and really knows her stuff.  The unit is very secure. 

    I am so happy I did my rotation there for maternity, because after working so closely with the nurses and the entire healthcare team, I decided even before I found out I was pregnant that that would be my go to hospital of choice!  

    Good Luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

  • I delivered twice at WI. Great experience each time. 2nd was a planned csection. I'm pregnant with my 3rd and will go nowhere else.
  • When comparing the options of Rhode Island hospitals, I would say Woman and Infants is definitely the way to go
  • When we lost our son I labored and delivered at women and infants. All doctors and nurses were FABULOUS and handled our situation with compassion while still remaining professional. The only person we had an issue with was the anesthesiologist, mostly because he was so rude to the nurse caring for us. We'll deliver there again this time.
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  • You can't plan on everything going smoothly and God forbid anything went wrong with my delivery or I happened to deliver early most other hospitals won't even take you. They will send you In an ambulance to Woman and Infants. So I figure why not just plan to be there from the start? It is what they do all day everyday. I think some complaints come from people who feel like they aren't as special because they do so many births vs the other hospitals but when it comes to my baby's well being I say who cares if I feel special?!
  • I live in Newport so I don't want to drive to providence. Everyone overlooks Newport Hospital but their birthing center is great.
  • We had our daughter at W&I and our experience was fantastic! My L&D nurse was amazing. I'm so glad we had our daughter there. In fact my L&D nurse was so great, I'mm going back to school to become one!
  • They are indeed the specialists, and my pregnancy was "picture perfect" from the start, so I also looked into the Alternative Birthing Center, but don't be too set on using it. From the moment I entered the hospital, in active labor, the staff I saw insisted I have a C-section (for no reason I could see), and I was disallowed from using the ABC. There was nothing abnormal about my delivery, and I did do so naturally when the time came, avoiding the C-section. I did not have blood pressure issues, there were no health risks for myself or my baby. To this day, I have no idea why I was unable to use the ABC, but it doesn't seem like anyone gets to, as there was no one in there the entire time I was in labor, and admitted.

    Other than that, W&I does have everything, but one of my close friends delivered her first child, a son, at Kent and she never stops raving about how well she was treated.

  • I have heard that Kent has gotten a lot better. But I am very interested in W&I since two of my mom friends had their babies there and also couldn't stop raving about how great their deliveries were. If H and I are still here when we have #2 though, I might check into Kent as well since my OB practice didn't tell me until 11 weeks that I might not give birth with doctor on the day I go into labor. I like the practice and doctors, but that info should be given earlier. We will see, march is still 6 months away and the reviews I read about my OB all said he went above and beyond to be there for his patients in labor.
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  • I have a friend that delivered last year at Kent and absolutely LOVED that place. I have heard W&I (two people that delivered there) refered to as a "baby factory" without personal touch and both had sketchy bills at the end with added costs for things not provided. I'll be delivering at Memorial because it's the closest & I've heard great things.
  • Everyone I know had gone to w&i and had no real problems. My SIL did complain that they aren't compassionate about sleep though and actually requested to leave a day early since there were no issues with her c-section recovery. I'll be delivering there. I'm interested in more info on the ABC now though!
  • W&I is my first choice as it's where any other RI hospital will take you if there are real issues with you or baby. I figure why not plan to be there from the start.
  • I am delivering at Kent County because my doctors doesn't deliver at W&I anymore I think unless its a high risk. However I had gone to Kent one day because I hadn't felt the baby move in a couple days and from the moment I walked in to the time we were discharged (baby is doing great); I can't say enough good things about their L&D unit. Awesome nurses and super quiet. I really like the fact that you get your own room and there is a bed for your significant other. 
  • My cousin delivered at Kent and she hated it. The staff was also very rude to all of us there. I was born at memorial hospital only because my mother worked there and since then I've seen it do nothing but go down hill, as I personally know many of the people working there. W&I was my first and is my only choice. I go there for my prenatal appointments as well as using the ER there for whatever I need. I love that all the places associated with W&I always know when I've gone to appointments with each department. As someone who takes medication for bipolar I also use the behavioral health department. No matter who I see or where I go within the hospital or departments associated with them they are always up to date on what has gone on since my last prenatal exam. I wouldn't recommend anywhere but women and infants. They specialize in just women and infants for a reason! :)
  • I heard not so great things about W&I. I live in Kent county, but my OB/GYN was in South County Hospital and had my baby at South County Hospital. I really liked them and they did a wonderful job with my emergency c-section. The nurses were so nice as well.
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  • I heard you have to share a bathroom and sometimes a room at W&I.. Has anyone experienced that? I feel like after giving birth you would want some privacy. I'm in Cumberland so I'm thinking about sturdy memorial in ma.
  • @ashgreg14 my brother and S-I-L just has twins there as well as may friends have had babies at W&I and that's the first time I've ever heard that you have to share a room. That would be weird. 

    My bff had her kids at Sturdy and they are fantastic there. 
  • Yeah that's what I was thinking too. One of my friends delivered there a year ago in August and said you have to share.. Maybe it was very busy??? Who knows LOL! Glad to hear Sturdy is good also! :)
  • FYI- there is ALWAYS an anesthesiologist available at W&I, not the case at Kent. My friend wasn't able to get an epidural because they were waiting on the anesthesiologist and she dilated quickly.
  • I just delivered at Kent since it's where my OB is even though South County is closer and also very good. I really liked Kent and would recommend it. Nursing staff were great, very supportive and followed my birth plan. Staff and administration were very apologetic because they only had single rooms due to the flu and my husband had to sleep in a chair but gave us a gift certificate which was a nice touch.

    One of the main benefits of W&I is that they have a level I nursery and take really good care of really sick babies. I think the mothers are still managed by their OB or the house staff so unless you are high risk or anticipate problems, I would go with Kent. They have a level ll nursery which is better than most of the other community hospitals and can handle fairly sick babies.
    I have worked at W&I and like it but did find it lacks a personal touch. Unless you are high risk or OB only delivers there I would go with Kent.
  • I have only heard good things about W&I. A quick note about the ABC though from our midwife and doula. In order to use the ABC you have to be seeing a midwife and not an OB (I don't know why, but this is what I have been told by a number of people). There is only one ABC available and its first come first serve, so its not a guarantee. I am hoping to use it but they have bars and showers and balls in the traditional rooms as well.
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