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s/o Easter baskets

Those of you who are doing Easter baskets: Do you have older kids also?

I didn't even think about doing an Easter basket for DD. Am I super lame? She doesn't know what Easter is. I guess if she had an older sibling who was getting one I would need to make one for her, but it didn't even occur to me this year.

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Re: s/o Easter baskets

  • DS is the only child, my parents never did an Easter basket for me growing up, only an egg hunt so I feel like I'm reliving my childhood through him :) I don't think it's lame if you don't do one, you're right, she doesn't know any better. I just think it
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  • I have to admit I didn't quite put it all together that there "should" be an Easter basket. Growing up, we painted the eggs but there was no egg hunt and certainly no gift basket. Different country, different traditions I guess...

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  • I do have a 3 year old as well, but I made Cedric baskets every year when it was just him.  Even if he won't remember...I like doing it and he will have the pictures with the baskets and goodies :)  

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  • Last year I did a basket but that was because it was his first Easter.  This year, I have nothing for it.  ://  I may only put like one or two things in there just so I can have a picture.
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  • We didn't do a basket last year, but will from here on out. DD is our only child.

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  • LO is my only kiddo, and his basket is just to hold plastic eggs b/c I thought he might enjoy playing with them (he does) and looking for them in the yard (assuming the snow melts in time).  I may not fill the eggs this year.  And the only ot

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  • We're not doing one, mostly because we're lazy and she won't care. We'll do the whole basket, egg hunt, peep sugar high thing next year. 
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