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Up until recently I have gotten along very well with my wife's family.Her Aunt and Uncle are the most present in her life, and are the ones who are her parental figures for the most part. Recently her Aunt has been making statements to her that we are not ready to be parents (during out 2ww mind you) among other things soooo things have been a bit tense. We are planning to go up to visit on Easter,and already we are both feeling a bit uneasy about the day. My biggest focus is not to be stressed during this time, however we also are concerned about the fact that they smoke in their house where we will be, and I mean smoke ALOT. I really don't want to be in an environment that has both negative energy and tons of smoke, however it is their house so I can't imagine a nice way to ask them to stop. During this 2ww I have been acting as if I am pregnant, and focusing on doing the right thing for the baby...So,I'm trying to figure out how to handle this situation....any advice??

 P.S We KNOW we are ready to be parents, I have yearsss of experience with children as a result of being a nanny, we have been saving money, reading pregnancy books, so on an so her Aunt's comments about that are pretty irrelevant, just a little nasty and uncalled for.

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  • I don't have any wonderful words of wisdom, because I have had the same problem. I can tolerate my DW's dad and step mom, but only because my DW wants to continue to have a relationship with her almost 4 year old sister.  Her mom and step dad on t

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  • Sounds kinda like my in-laws..... we haven't even told them about our TTC process and won't share this preg with until we are in the safe zone.  Those little comments can be so hurtful.  We have had to set boundaries to protect us from those

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  • My advice...don't go! You don't need the negative vibes. I loathe my MIL and she's hated me from day 1 though I've done nothing wrong other than be with her son and now that I'm preggers it's gotten worse so I walked right past her and didn't speak. If yo
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