Breaks for mom

What do you do as a mom to get a break away from kids? My boys attend preschool twice a week and love the little break to go to the store alone and to the gym. I am going to miss that when DS1 starts homeschool kinder next year!  

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    Luckily all of my kids still nap.  Our rule is that they have to nap until kindergarten and after that they still have to have quiet time where they read or play quietly.  So, I usually get a break from 1-3 every day.  Now that I have th

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    Getting a break is kind of tough for me this year, but I try to get everyone to have a quiet time after lunch most days.  DH is off every other Friday so I have that too, and he does most of the grocery shopping since I don't enjoy doing that with

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    I currently homeschool my older two LO's and have a 3 1/2 month old. We do quiet time for the older two in the  afternoon, sometimes naps. My break usually comes at night when they go to bed. We are also part of a MOPS group that has a homeschool cla
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