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Douala and Birthing Classes...

Is anyone in the Metro area using a Douala? I am very interested in using one and would love some recommendations! 

Also has anyone taken any great birthing classes? We are interested in going in a natural way but want to be aware of everything in case things do not turn out as planned. 


Re: Douala and Birthing Classes...

  • There is a great group called With Women that has doula services. Where are you delivering? A couple of these doulas teach childbirth classes for Lutheran Hospital in Wheat Ridge. They have a great selection of classes from Childbirth Preparation, Breastf
  • Snowdngo - Belly Bliss in Cherry Creek has GREAT birthing classes - natural and otherwise.
  • The Mother 'hood in the Highlands neighborhood (29th and Zuni) offers a great selection of informative classes including prenatal yoga.  They also have connections to some great Douala's from what I hear.


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  • My doula was/is wonderful and she teaches Bradley as well.  We were totally planning a completely natural birth.  It turned out that I was diagnosed with Pre-e on my EDD and induced the next day.  The Pit induction turned into artif

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  • I am actually delivering at University. I was hoping there was something besides the hospital classes :)
  • Thank you all so much for the resources! I'll check them all out!
  • I know there are many instructors that teach the Bradley Method classes that are not associated with the hospital. Here is a link to find someone near you:<

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