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Postponing a bday party?

The girls bdays are in Apr. DD1 wants a swimming party so I would have to postpone until summer time. H says no way celebrate with friends in Apr. I suggested just us celebtare in Apr and party in Jun. H thinks other parents won't understand.

Would you think it's weird if we celebrated at a later date and your LO was invited? 

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Re: Postponing a bday party?

  • I'm with your H, it's weird to have a birthday party 2 months after the actual bday

    Can't you have the party in April and then organize a pool day with her friends in June? Maybe a picnic by the pool

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  • Not two months but we are going to do DD's a couple of weeks late (as well as DS2).   DD wants to have a sleepover party but school doesn't start until the week after her birthday (2 of her BFFs are with non-custodial parents until school starts),

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  • I think it would be weird that much later. I say do a pool day with friends to celebrate school ending or something. You could maybe do a YMCA pool party? Or just slipin slides & water balloon fights (so not as bad in late April).
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  • Are there any indoor pools where you could have the party?  If not, I agree with PPs that 2 months is too long for a bday party.  Maybe have a small party now and a Memorial Day, end of school or 4th of July swim party later.
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  • Not too weird, IMO, but I live where it's cold so if any kid wants an outdoor pool party they pretty much have to wait until June at the earliest, if not July for it to be warm enough. :)  I would do it if it's what she really wants.
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  • We did the opposite, we're having DD's party a month early because school is out on her birthday and everybody is gone for the summer at camp, beach and lake. I feel like we're pushing it with a month, so two months is a little long. But, honestly when I
  • NydaPNydaP member
    Yeah, I'd think it was weird.  You could have a party with a different theme or have a pool party at an indoor pool if you have one in your area.  And then during the summer have a pool party for no particular occasion.  
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  • I plan wedding/baby showers and birthday parties as somewhat of a hobby and I had a client last year who wanted her son's party during Xmas break when his actual bday was Oct. 17th. We went ahead with it, but it did not turn out well. Family and close fri
  • I think parties should happen within 2 weeks either way of the actual date. 
  • I really don' thtink it matters when you celebrate... my husband's birthday is in Feburary but his parents have a huge pool/pool area - so he would have his party in August on his 1/2 birthday to take advantage of it.

    we are also planning on doin

  • Have an indoor pool party in April.

    DD1 is born in mid-October and her first birthday was a swimming pool party.

  • imagekaren_loy:

    I'm with your H, it's weird to have a birthday party 2 months after the actual bday

    Can't you have the party

  • akayfakayf member

    My son turned 5 in March.   We are having his party in may because he wants an angry bird party and has asked for a life sized angry bird game in the yard with a large slingshot and boxes to build scenes for the pigs.   So we are doing it in

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  • It is weird.  I'd want LO to have their preferred theme as well but it has to fit within the confines of what makes sense.  What if the birthday was in January, would you put off for 6 months?  I'd start brainstorming other ideas. I wouldn
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