I was so excited to see this board in the side bar.  I am mom to 2 toddlers.  DS is ~2y9mos., and DD is 16mos.  DH and I have been planning to homeschool since before we had children.  The plan at this point is to start something slightly more structured with DS this fall.  I have a hard time getting new routines started so I figure that if I ease in slowly over the next 2 years that it will be easier when he hits kindergarten age and I have to be registered with my state as a homeschool.  I look forward to sharing and discussing with other homeschoolers. :-)

BFP #1 10/13/09 EDD 06/20/10 DS Born on 06/26/10
BFP #2 03/08/11 EDD 11/16/11 DD Born on 11/04/11
BFP #3 08/29/12 EDD 05/06/13 M/C on 08/30/12
BFP #4 11/01/12 EDD 07/09/2013 M/C on 12/28/12
BFP #5 04/30/13 EDD 01/03/14 DS Born on 01/02/14
BFP #6 01/11/15 EDD 09/22/15 M/C 03/09/15

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