Anyone been in the same boat? (apologize for the spacing--my iPad isn't cooperating) — The Bump
TTC after 35

Anyone been in the same boat? (apologize for the spacing--my iPad isn't cooperating)

I guess this post is half-vent/half-anyone-been-in-this-boat-before? I'm 36 and have a 2 1/2 yearold daughter. She is the light of my life but is a handful. She is into absolutely everything,she's a climber, she refuses to sit in a stroller, can't bring her to stores because she climbsout of the cart and runs around, etc. She's 2, so I take this all with a grain of salt (sometimesaround the rim of a margarita glass ;)), but I can't imagine keeping up with her while trying to takecare of a baby. Ideally, I would wait until she's situated in school to have a second, but since I'm already older, I don't feel like I have the luxury of time and that I need to decide sooner ratherthan later. I got a surprise BFP a few months back, but that ended in a m/c. Some days I feellike I need to start focusing on TTC (especially because of the mc) and other days I feel like it would be too much to handle dd and a newborn and we should just enjoy our dd and be a happy family of 3.Anyone been here before? I just feel so torn...

Re: Anyone been in the same boat? (apologize for the spacing--my iPad isn't cooperating)

  • Hello, 

    I have a 2 year old too, as and have been ttc since she was 6 month old. For me it is taking some time, but I feel like I can handle it. My dd is a handful too, but I know I will adjust. I am not getting any younger so I know I need

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  • I don't have any children, but your lo will be 9 months older from whenever you get bfp, so she will be closer to 3 if you get bfp now, so it might be more doable ....but good luck with your decision!

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  • jb2rnjb2rn member
    Me! Ds is 15 mos, i have fertility issues, so if we want another it needs to be now, but we are so not ready. He just started STTN two mos ago!! So i cant imagine doing it all over so soon. I dont think i can even get preg again, but i just wanted
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  • Yes!! I can relate very well.  I have a DS, who is 29 months and VERY active.  Both my DH and I are almost 41 so we know time is not on our side.  We would love another but with our ages, I too wonder if we should be a happy family of 3. &n
  • Absolutely! We also have a very active 26 month old dd & we're both 39 years old so we don't have the luxury of waiting. Somedays I definitely have second thoughts but I always try to remember the big picture. The early months/years will be tough but
  • Absolutely.  I am going to be 39 at the end of this year and have an 8 month old.  We had to go the RE route with him so it wasn't easy.  If time was on my side, I would wait until I don't already feel like a zombie.  But it isn't, and
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