When did you get to schedule your c section?

I am expecting my second child in late october and just wondering how far into your 2nd pregnancy you were when you picked your date?

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Re: When did you get to schedule your c section?

  • We just scheduled a date at my OB appointment today for 5 weeks from now.  She told me that her surgery scheduler will look at her like she's crazy if she tries to officially book something before the mom is 33/34 weeks :)
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  • My Dr. office schedules it at your next appt after you hit 31w.
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  • Thanks.  I just had a crazy time with my first and I just need this one to be as organized as a birth can possibly be.  Whatever that means.

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  • Um, It was almost 2 months out. And I think that was late, the scheduler was surprised I didn't have anything set up, but no one at the doc's office had told me who or when to call... but it all worked out!
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  • Mine was scheduled around 26 weeks.  I felt like it was early to schedule it but that is standard for my practice.  
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  • My was scheduled at 21 weeks.  We found out the sex and the date of our cs at the same appointment.  It was the soonest they had their schedule ready with who was scheduled for surgery.
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  • My OB said we will set a date at my 30 week (or around there) appointment.

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  • I asked at my last appointment (21 weeks), and they had just gotten the June schedule. They went ahead and scheduled me then. 
  • I set my date 6 weeks prior 
  • Each doctor's office/hospital is different, so I would ask your OB. I scheduled mine 6 weeks before because that's just how the doctor's office does it. 
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  • I just asked my OB last week. They won't schedule mine until my 36 week appointment. He did say that 90% of the time they will do it on the day I turn 39 weeks though so at least I have an idea. I'm jealous of everyone else getting to schedule early, I'm


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  • We discussed it at my 32 week appointment and it was confirmed at the 34 week appointment. With my first it was at my 30 week appointment.
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  • 18 weeks. we set it the same day of my anatomy scan.
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  • I scheduled mine today.  I'm 16w4d.  It feels so crazy to have a date and time.  

  • I will schedule mine either this week or next week. So 33/34 weeks. Doctor said the hospital doesn't like him scheduling too far in advance. 
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