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how much harder is it having 2?

My LO is almost 7 months old. I had an extremely hard time adapting to being a mom once she was born. My husband and I fought tons and I seriously considered divorce a couple of times. Since then everything has smoothed out and I love being a mom. I quit my job and became a SAHM. When my LO was born I never thought id want another one but now the thought keeps popping up more and more. Im terrified I wont be able to handle it though. Can anyone tell me there experiences with having 2? And how far apart are they in age?

Re: how much harder is it having 2?

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    My 2 are 13.5 months apart. I had a horrible time adjusting to my #1. So did DH. Adjusting to 2 was actually way easier for us. We both agree that the hardest transition was with #1. 

    It's hard, don't get me wrong. There is always someone wh

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    I definitely feel you on the difficulty of the transition with the first baby.

    We also fought a lot perhaps not to the extent you and your Dh went to..., mostly about my unmet expectations of him as bring more hands on...

    But t

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    mine are 12.5 months apart. i love it. it has had tough days/weeks especially in the beginning but the overall experience has been manageable. i found 0-1 much tougher for me to cope with. now that they're getting older they are so close and

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    My second hasn't arrived yet, but I'm thinking (hoping?) that adjusting to two will be easier than adjusting to one. It was very hard for us to adjust to having DS as he was a very challenging baby, MUCH moreso than any of my friends' babies. Because o

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