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my little nephew was just born on tuesday and we were so excited and rushed to the hospital, as we got there he was rushed to the NICU he was 5 weeks early and can't breathe on his own :( They just had to transfer him today to the local Children's Hospital. It is breaking my heart that my family has to go through this and that they aren't even able to hold or touch their newborn baby. It truly is making me realize how fortunate I was to have a smooth delivery. Please pray for my family :( I can't imagine what I would do if I were told I couldn't bring my newborn baby home for a few weeks
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  • I'm sorry your family has to go through this :(  T&P
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  • We were there. I can only say give tem support but space. I was stuck in bed and got upset everyone saw baby but me. Best wishes. Baby boys at that week usually need NICU. There were 5 that age in ours. They'll get through it with help and prayers. 
  • Hang in there! He'll pull through! My son was 7 weeks early but only needed a c-pap for breathing help and that was only for a couple days.  Your nephew is in good hands if he's at a children's hospital.  Go buy them some adorable preemie clothes (but not too many! He'll grow FAST!) as a sweet gift.
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