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Dd is 100 potty trained during the day, but not at night. DH is insistent that we not let her potty alone at night because he thinks she'll fall in the potty or something. I dont know if she'd come wake us up though; she'll probably just potty in bed. How did you work training your LO at night? Did you do it all at once or slowly?
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Re: Night time

  • Our pedi said you can't train them for night time, it happens when it happens.  However, you could make sure she goes right before bed, wake her up at least once during the night, and make sure you put her on the potty right after she gets up. 
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  • You can't really night time PT them. DD was PT during the day at 26 months and 2 weeks later she ditched the night time diapers (at her request). She has very few night time accidents. She had been staying dry most nights already at that point and that

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  • Agree that you cannot train at night.  DS was PT by 2.5, but wore a pull up at night until after his 4th birthday!  We tried waking him at night, but it was a total nightmare.  We eventually told him that we could get rid if the pull ups if
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