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Parks in White Marsh/ Perry Hall

Hello Ladies,

I lurk from time to time and this is always the place I look first for local resources.  DS is 8 months and really enjoyed swinging recently when we were on vacation in Florida.  My neighborhood doesn't have a playground with baby swings so I'd like to find one.

Does anyone know of any baby-friendly parks in the White Marsh/ Perry Hall area?

Looking forward to getting out and about once the weather warms up. Thanks!

Re: Parks in White Marsh/ Perry Hall

  • Honeygo Run Regional Park (on Honeygo Blvd.) has a playground with two separate areas.  One is for older kids, and then they have a smaller area for toddlers that also includes baby swings.   There are also walking trails, sports fields, et
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  • Great- thanks! I've been to Honeygo before but hadn't noticed the toddler area.
  • If you want to drive a little further Annie's Playground in Fallston is awesome.  Turn left on Harford Road from rt 1 and then follow the signs. 
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  • There are multiple Honeygo Run parks in Perry Hall/White Marsh. 

    Perry Hall Park is located across the street from the Perry Hall Library on Honeygo Blvd. 

    The main park, Honeygo Run Regional Park (with the walking/jogging/bikin

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  • I agree with PP Honeygo is a pretty nice area.  The main park has a really great running area if you are into that.  The smaller park off of Cowenton is nice.  With the exception of when they have events there like sports games, it is usual

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  • There's also Eastern Regional on Eastern Avenue in Chase.  Follow 43 all the way out, turn left on Eastern and go about 2 miles.  The park is on the right just past Chase Elementary.  The playground is awesome for little ones!


  • Thank you for all the responses, ladies! I'kk be sure to check them all out.
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