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Daycare or Nanny Resources - Silver Spring MD

Just had our first baby this month and will be looking for a daycare or nanny childcare arrangement in the Silver Spring area. Have searched around for daycares but so far - not impressed, or ridiiiiculous wait lists! 

Recommend your daycare -or- please share if you know of any reputable nanny resources in our area! I work out towards Aspen Hill, so anything from SS to Rockville area would be OK if you love love love the daycare!


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Re: Daycare or Nanny Resources - Silver Spring MD

  • We used two GREAT nannies until our daycare opened up. Circle Time, which is where our son will go starting in May, just opened a new facility. Call them up; they might have an opening! But... until then, if you would like some referrals, I'd be happy

  • We live in Kensington (very close to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill) and have run into the same problem trying to find daycare close to home that's affordable. There's a Montessori School (Crossway) nearby but it's $20K+ per year. Most daycares don't take in

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