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PP recovery

I just came home with DS2 and instructions not to lift my 20 month old for 4-6 weeks. That's just not going to happen, but I'm trying to figure out a good compromise. DH is home on paternity leave for 2 weeks, so I plan to take advantage of that as best as possible.

What restrictions did you have coming home with baby and how closely did you follow them? Did you make the right decision?

Maybe I should add that I did have some bleeding issues after delivery, but have been fine since about 12 hours post delivery. The Dr gave me her standard recommendations, just said with my bleeding history to be quick to keep an eye on any issues.

Re: PP recovery

  • My children are 13 months apart and I was told 2 weeks. I felt fine and thought I could handle picking him up about 5 days post. I literally did not have the strength. I needed some one there to help me get him in his booster chair and crib.
    I did a
  • I had a c section and have been picking up my almost 1yo after two weeks. No choice, DH has to work.
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  • I was given no restrictions. My dr knew I had a young toddler at home and told me to rest the best I could. They just said that if I started bleeding heavily or passing large clots, that I was working too hard and to give them a call.
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  • I had a vaginal delivery and my 2 were 13.5 months apart. I think I lasted 5 days before I started picking up #1 again. 1st I started slow, and only lifted her into her crib. Then I gradually did more. I was out and about by week 2. I waited 2 weeks to

  • My two are 19 months apart. I was given those same general discharge instructions that they give to everyone.

    I felt fine within hours of delivery, and I didn't have any complications. I was lifting my daughter while I was still in the hospi
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