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Obsessive Worry...

My 3.5+ year old is seemingly stuck.  Every afternoon when I put him down for his nap he nervously asks "you gonna be here when I wake up?"  OVER AND OVER.  It does not matter what I answer or how I answer.  I am halfway through a "yes" or "of course I am!"  and he is saying it again.  He must say it 5-15 times!  He repeats this again at bedtime "You be here when I wake up?"  at times near tears, full of concern, and ignoring my answer just repeating it over and over.  He will even bring it up when we are driving to preschool-"you be here after my nap?  You be here when I wake up?  You be here a lot of times?"  I don't know how to help him, I don't know how to answer him any longer.  And I am both concerned about him as well as frustrated having to repeat this same scenario every night.  Any thoughts, advice?  Is this normal or should I be concerned?


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    For sure have him answer his own question. When he asks you, you say, "What do you think?"

    Also, address it with him before the question comes up. Like before you put him down for his nap as you're walking to his room say "let's talk about ..." a

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  • imagefredalina:
    I suggest turning it around a bit. When he asks, ask him back. "What do you think? Will I be here after your nap?"
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  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions!!!


  • I agree with Fredalina's suggestion about turning this around and making it funny.

    My son went through a very similar phase at around 3.5 of worry/anxiety about being left alone, especially while he was asleep.  It was very frustrating.

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  • Does he nap at preschool? If yes then I assume he gets scared when he wakes and you are not there.
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  • No naps at preschool, he's there 9-1 MWF and naps at home around 2:30.  I tried turning it around and asking him if he thought I would be here, and he said "yes"...  then he started in on "thank you for being here after my nap"  (on endl

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