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second induction

Did anyone have inductions with their first and second births? Did the second one go faster/easier than the first?

I was induced with DS1, 39 weeks, 1cm 50 effaced, started with 12 hours of cervidil, then 16 hours of pitocin. It was a hellacious 28 hour llabor.

I'm scheduled to be induced Sunday at midnight. I'll be 39 weeks. I'm currently 1/2cm and 30 effaced hoping for more by Sunday

I'm just really hoping the second time goes quicker and easier.
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Re: second induction

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    For me each induction went smoother, and quicker, however I've never needed cervidil (I guess my cervix was "favorable") only Pitocin to get things going.  GL!
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    I was induced 8 days overdue with DD1.  I was already cm dilated so I didn't need cervidil.  I started pitocin at 8am and had her at 11:22p.  I was induced on my due date with DD2 due to decels in her heart rate during the NST.  I beli
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    I was induced twice. #1 was 38w6d, not dilated more than a fingertip and maybe 50% effaced. I had two rounds of cervidil and pitocin was stopped and re-started twice. From start to finish, the induction was 56 hours and I was actually in labor for 38 h

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    3 time inducee-

    1st was 35 hours and horrible.
    2nd was 14 hours.
    3rd was 9 hours.

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    I was only 1 cm dilated with #1 at 40 weeks 4 days.  I was given Cervidil to start and Pitocin about 15 hours later when I stalled out a 8 cm for a few hours.  Rough 20 hour labor (epidural was one-sided, I threw up a few times, had horrible b

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