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What did you pack?

Hi ladies,

Curious - did you actually pre-plan what you were bringing to the hospital with you?

How did you decide what to bring - friends/family, googling? Did you pack things you didn't use? Forget things you wish you packed?

Did you husband pack a bag of his own? What was in it? (My dad packed snacks and they were gone within an hour of my mom being in labor with me!)

I would love to hear!

Bump Jackie

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Re: What did you pack?

  • The things that I wish I packed was my phone's wall charger, better going home clothes(we stopped at my Mom's resturant on the way home), something for me to do before labor really started(now I have a tablet or a laptop) cause hubby did not share the tv with me. My own pillow I like lots of pillows(i sleep with 4) and the flat one they have is not enough! I didn't worry about my hubby cause I sent him home the first and second night so he and I could sleep!!! And it was cheaper to eat across the street at Dairy Queen than eat the stuff they call food at the hospital.
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  • Everything but the kitchen sick.....just kidding!

    However I did pack:

    All my own toiletries, cause trust me theirs suck.

    My own jammies for afterwards

    A Robe

    Cell Phone (and for my first

    My Boppy Pillow

    My Own Pillows

    My Own Blanket



    Clothes for the Baby....I hated the little shirts they use

    This time I will prob be taking my we can watch movies!

    My ex packed tons of food and dollar bills for more snacks and he also took clothes.




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