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I was referred to Dr.Reshef, inferility specialist in Oklahoma City by my obgyn. I saw Dr.Reshef yesterday. Once I start my period, he wants to do a vaginal ultrasound to look at cyst and then start femera. I do not know much about femera, and was wanting to know if anyone can tell me there condition how long they were on femera before getting pregnant, if it worked, didn't work. Everyone is different so I know can not compare, but I am wanting a baby soon. I hate having to go through all of this, never thought it would be like this, everyone around is getting pregnant so easily. I feel like its a science project for my husband and I. Once we ovulate on femera we are having post coital test. I am from oklahoma can anyone from oklahoma that goes to Dr.Reshef give me their stories and experience with Dr.Reshef.

Thanks so much

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  • I did not see him but I did take femara. It was great....I ovulated on the lowest dose and it didn't have horrible side effects like I was having with clomid! Good luck :)
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  • I love Dr. Reshef. He's been very kind and caring about my whole situation. I've been going to him since December and I'm now almost 7 weeks pregnant. He put me on 1500mg Metformin and 100mg clomid and it worked. He told me that if Clomid didn't work afte
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  • Dr. Reshef is awesome!  I saw him for several years, was on clomid and femara.  I have had two miscarriages and am currently pregnant with a femara baby.  She was conceived on my 3rd femara cycle.  If you haven't already, I highly s

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