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Vaginal Unmedicated Birth story

This was my third LO...with my other two I had been induced due to medical reasons. I was determined that my last one would come naturally if at all possible and that I would try not to have any pain on with my story....

I went to my drs at 40week and 2days. I was so happy that I had not been induced yet. My dr had stripped my membranes at my 38 week appointment I had some cramps but they went away. My dr discussed being induced again at this visit...I so wanted to have the experience of "going into labor" on my own so I opted to have him strip my membranes again, and feeling pressure since my dr wasn't on call that weekend I scheduled an induction for the next day. Well I left the dr and had cramps (same as before when he stripped my membranes at 38 weeks) and figured they would go away. (the cramps were not painful, just felt like before a cycle with a bit of back pain) we went home and picked up our kids then went out to dinner at 5pm. All through dinner I still had the pains but kept figuring they would go away...I was able to get to sleep around 10p but woke up about midnight...not because of the pain just because I was so excited knowing I was going to see my LO the next day....I went downstairs and watched tv so I wouldn't wake DH...I was a bit uncomfortable as my back was sore...I used a heating pad...then felt like walking/standing felt better....after a while I thought...hey maybe I should be timing these? so I grabbed my DH watch and timed the first few....WOW 5 minutes apart...they stayed about 5 minutes apart for a while...then went to 6/7 I figured well I'll just wait (this was about 3am) since we had been scheduled to go to the hospital at 7am. I went and took a hot shower...still not in any real "pain" just soreness in my back......

Finally at 5am I woke up my DH and told him I was in labor and I wanted him to get ready in case we needed to go the hospital early...(we didn't) we went at 7am as was scheduled...they hooked me up to the monitors and the nurse said I was 5cm, when our dr came in he said...looks like you went into labor on your own...just like you wanted...I didn't need any drugs to help the labor along...(however honestly I wish I had stayed at my house for a few more hours and I HATED being stuck in the hospital bed as walking around felt so much better than laying on the bed) I think around 8am the dr broke my water...(in my pp when I was induced this is when the unbearable contractions came back to back) this time I still had the contractions but they would come and go...yes they were painful but I was able to get through worst fear was what if this wasn't the worst pain...what if it gets worse and I can't get an epi? I spoke to the nurse and told her my situation and asked her what to expect (since I had an epi with my other two LO's) she told me the contractions would be the worst pain and I wouldn't feel anything when I pushed the LO I decided let's see how it goes (although I did sign the paperwork for the epi just in case) I can tell you one thing I didn't expect was the need to PUSH!!! I had thought this need only started when your body was suppose to push...but no I was probably 8 or 9 cm and I almost couldn't help but push with the contractions...and sometimes I did...I just couldn't figure out how not to...the nurse told me I had to try to stop pushing otherwise I would become too swollen and wouldn't be able to push the LO out when it was time...WOW I totally didn't expect this to be an issue....sometime in the noon hour the dr said I was ready to I did...the dr was helping a lot since from what they told me I was fairly swollen (also at this point I was really exhausted from dealing with the contractions and trying NOT to push) but I did it and our DD was born at 1:13pm!! (team green turned team pink!!!) I had torn some but didn't need any stitches.


Things I learned from this...I could do an unmedicated delivery...I just wanted to know that I could...if I had to do it again I might take the epi...just so I wouldn't be sooo exhausted after the birth...but I know that I can do it and that made me happy....

second thing is...even if they strip your membranes your LO is not going to come until they are ready....

 I hope this story helps someone...I know I read all the birth stories the closer I came to delivery....just remember when you are done no matter if it's vaginal or C-section medicated or will have a beautiful baby and that is worth everything!!!

Good Luck all you future mommies!!! 



May you always have in your arms the one who is in your heart.
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