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My lil guy just decided, last week, that he has to scream....all.the.time. I leave the room-screams. Put him in his high chair-screams. Playing-screams. Change his diaper-screams. And it's an all out bloody murder scream every time. Not sure how to discipline for this. I just say "Quiet please" or ignore it. What should I do?!?!? I can't even take him to run errands with me anymore because he screams....Help! 

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  • Mine screams all the time too. I hope it's just another phase like her other noise phases she goes through when she realizes that she can make a certain sound. Sometimes when she starts getting really worked up while screaming I scream back. She thinks it
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    I don't know how helpful this is but it worked for us. Ds never did the bloody murder screams but he went through a screaming phase for a week or so. The only way we could get him to stop was to scream along with him lol. We would match his tone and lengt
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  • DS just started this a few weeks ago and O.M.G. I'm about to lose my mind.  As a teacher I'm dealing with loud kids all day, and now I come home to one that can probably match an entire class at school.  I love him, but I can't wait for this


  • Mine hasn't started screaming just yet, but she's going through some strange whiny clingy phase with me in particular. When I leave she's fine, and she's not having separation issues. But every time I'm in the room she whines and cries and wants me. It ma
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  • If this screaming along with them works, I owe all you ladies a very large alcoholic beverage! I'm 5 months pregnant with a 19 month old who screams over everything and I'm running ragged! Next time he screams, I shall do the same!
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