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Hey ladies, I used to frequent TB back in the day when I had my daughter 3 years ago. I was wondering if anyone has given birth at UT southwestern? My OB is now delivering there. The office is nice but I have no idea about the L&D. I had my DD at presby dallas (before the renovations) and it was kinda bad so I want to have a nice place to deliver our next kiddo! I will do a tour, but wanted to see if y'all had any first hand knowledge. Thanks! :)

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  • Bump. I'm also wondering the same thing. I know I've received great care here but I don't know anyone that's given birth. I'm trying to choose between UTSW or Baylor
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  • I personally havent delivered there but I was born there oh.. lets say over 20 plus years ago and I use to work the NICU there as well. Its great place. The doc are very good and they know what their doing. The rooms are private in the L&D and they ar
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  • Not sure when you are due, but UTSW is opening Clements hospital in NOV I believe, so giving birth at UTSW will be in the lap of luxury! State of the art! I am delivering there in March. :-)

  • My last pregnancy ended in a molar pg. So now I'm pregnant again and I'm 28 weeks. I still see my ob at utsw so I will be delivering at the new hospital in dec! Dr lutich is my ob and she said it will be amazing. Ha. I will report back to let you know how it goes. :)
  • I know this thread is very old but I just had a really terrible experience with Dr. Connie Roberts and her staff at UTSW.  I had a miscarriage (blighted ovum) at 8.5 weeks.  The office was not helpful at all and in the follow up appointment Roberts did not even mention a complex cyst found on my left ovary during sonogram. I am shopping for a new doctor. Very disappointed because good friends recently delivered at UTSW and loved it.  However, I am NEVER going back to their office and therefore won't be delivering there.  

    I hope this not can save someone else frustration and disappointment.
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